“Great experience overall – Glad to have met you. Russ is a great guy and built an efficient team. See you again when upgrade time comes.” ~Wally

“Arizona Energy Pros just installed a 8.415kW system on my house. The process was smoother than I could have imagined. The installers and office staff were very knowledgeable and walked us through every step. We also had them do an energy audit and seal our air conditioning ducts, add insulation in our attic, and install sunscreens. I highly recommend this company to anyone!!!!” ~Blackpit337

“First off, be it known that Arizona Energy Pros installed a system for me that Solar City actually refused to contract. Lacking south facing roof space but with enormous available backyard area, Solar City refused to contract a south facing ground mounted system. Arizona Energy Pros stepped up, contracted, and installed the system I wanted. With numerous approval questions (county, city, and power company), Arizona Energy Pros flexibly worked with me, through a particularly difficult approval process. Ultimately, I have exactly the system I envisioned installed and running. Their entire crew had the professionalism (and tenacity) to turn numerous challenges to successful completion.” ~Rich

“Thank you Arizona Energy Pros. For installing my 9k system on my home.Very happy to see my savings over 200 dollars during the summer and 100+ during the winter. My 20k investment is making me more money than what I had it making for me with a CD….It”s a investment worth exploring for your future customers.” ~Adrock

“We competed the quality of the solar package and the pricing with three solar companies. Arizona Energy Pros was the best in both categories.The installation crew and the professionals in the office had excellent communication skills, always had a ‘hearing ear’ and provided accurate information to us.We whole-heartedly recommend that you talk with them before selecting your solar installer.” ~Bill and Laurene

“I have only good things to say about Arizona Energy Pros. The gentlemen I worked with walked me through each step of the process making it a smooth transition. They were professional and informative. They also did a great job on the installation.” ~Amanda K

“The company was great to deal with. They did exactly what I wanted and I would recommend them to everyone.” ~Mike W