Meet the Arizona Energy Pros Dynamic Collaborative Accountable Passionate Team


Russell Gardner

Russell is a visionary and a philanthropist, always looking for new opportunities to learn and ways to get involved while making the community better for his family, friends, and those he meets. If you know Russell, you know he is always trying to come up with ways that will make people’s lives easier. As the CEO of Arizona Energy Pros, he aims to provide his customer with high-quality, innovative, and long-lasting services. After a successful start to his career working with other prominent electrical construction companies, Russell has held a variety of management positions since joining Arizona Energy Pros Inc., ranging from project engineer, project manager, regional director of Arizona, national account manager, COO to his current role as CEO. 

Outside of work, Russell enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle with his wife and two sons and you can find him on a mountain hiking, a quad, a boat, or picking up a new hobby.


Amanda Gardner

Amanda Gardner joined Arizona Energy Pros in January 2019. She is responsible for the financial planning and record keeping of the company as well as managing the financial risks. She has a bachelor’s degree in IT with a concentration in Multimedia Design. Her strengths are centered around strategic planning by applying her creativity and background in managing IT systems and administration management.  Amanda’s passion lies in doing everything she can to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her, her family, and those she meets.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband Russell, and two boys. She is an avid runner and recently started getting interested in cycling. She loves vacationing with her family and one day hopes to travel and explore Japan.

Marketing Manager

Kasia Michalik

Kasia Michalik has a strong background in communication and marketing. A graduate of Arizona State’s Cronkite School of Journalism, she has worked in various roles in the communication field including editing, writing and publishing. She received her master’s in 2020 from Western Governors University in leadership and management and brings all her skills to Arizona Energy Pros in establishing a robust marketing department and strategic plan for growth.

When not at work, Kasia enjoys camping and biking with her family. She has two sons, a bonus daughter and a dog name Bisbee. Her husband Aaron and Kasia love exploring new places both in their beautiful state of Arizona, and beyond. When they are home they try to squeeze in a bike ride a couple times a week around the Valley. 

Solar Supervisor

Joseph Harms

Joseph is the Solar Supervisor and has worked at Arizona Energy Pros since 2018. He began his solar career over a decade ago when his brother-in-law got him a job with a roofing company. He loves working at Arizona Energy Pros because every home that he installs solar, he knows that he is physically making a change for the environment. In his eyes, it’s the only construction industry that is doing that at this time.  He enjoys that solar is different every day. Every home and every challenge is unique and he appreciates that about the industry. Ownership is another reason he enjoys what he does. “I’ve worked at some of the biggest and smallest companies,” he said. “Never have I found owners like these, ones that care and know the names and ages of my kids and wife, and ones that go the extra mile”.

Joseph is married and the couple has three kids, a 16-year-old daughter, an 8-year-old son, and a 6-year-old daughter. When not working, the family finds time to go Jeeping and camping!