Arizona Energy Pros specializes in a wide range of electrical services. From full remodels and repairs to electric car charging station installs, our experienced electricians are a phone call away. Whether you are a private homeowner, a small mom-and-pop shop, or a large business or organization, our services are tailored to match your needs.

Arizona Energy Pros keeps our mission in mind: to provide sustainable, state-of-art energy solutions for your everyday needs. In a world full of empty promises, let us help by delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative electrical work for you.

Residential Electrical Services

Most of our time is spent in our homes, especially now with more working from home, so it’s important that our homes are safe, comfortable and convenient. No electrical problem is too big or small for us.


Bought a new home or looking to update yours? There will likely come a time when your home will need some form of electrical upgrade. Electrical codes and guidelines update from time to time which means that hiring a professional to complete your electrical project will help keep your home safe from errors and keep your home current and compliant.

E-Car Charging Station

Having a home charging station is a convenient way to supply your electric car battery with daily electricity needs without leaving or paying fees at a public charging station. Arizona Energy Pros stays current on any necessary certifications, including  Tesla to get you the best home set-up that fits your budget and needs.

Electrical Wiring

Upgrading electrical wiring is a time-consuming and technical job. Wires are located inside of walls, where they are hard to reach. Our electricians have the experience and tools to complete wiring upgrades in an efficient and safe manner so that you don’t have to. 

Other Residential Services

Additional residential electrical services include: panel upgrades, backup generator installation; ceiling fan installs; lighting retrofit; interior and exterior switches and fixtures; electric water heater wiring; under-counter lighting; A/C disconnects; code corrections; and more

Commercial Electrical Services

If your business experiences any electrical issues, you’ll need an electrical partner that knows electricity and code requirements in a commercial atmosphere. At Arizona Energy Pros, we specialize in commercial maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and remodeling. Our electricians are dependable at successfully assessing problems and repairing them to ensure your business is functioning fully in no time.

 With increasing electrical demands for businesses due to large equipment, server rooms, and 24-hour productivity, commercial projects are sensitive in time and costs. Arizona Energy Pros will work with you to achieve the best electrical solutions for your needs. Our electricians can manage all types of projects with reliability you can trust. 

Electrical System Upgrades

Insufficient power is problematic in a business atmosphere. Electrical system maintenance and upgrades are important to make sure that your business meets compliance standards, isn’t losing productivity, and is up to code. We can work around business hours to help ensure that you experience minimal downtime.

Electrical Troubleshooting

When problems arise, such as electrical issues that you can’t pinpoint, who do you call? Our commercial electric specialists will evaluate and handle your electrical system troubleshooting for you!

Circuit Installation & Upgrades

As devices become more technologically advanced, businesses must adapt. Many businessess’ electrical systems lack the capacity to support high-powered devices including servers. Contact us to upgrade your circuitry to ensure that your business has the capacity to support your electrical needs. 

Other Commercial Services

Additional commercial electrical services include service and maintenance agreements; ballast and bulb replacement; wiring upgrades; building surge protection; lighting retrofit; electrical wiring and panel upgrade; repairs and installation of electrical switches, outlets, and fixtures; and more.