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Arizona Energy Pros has Arizona's best solar purchase options with both 12 & 20 year residential solar loans.

Solar Power Systems

Solar power is generated by using a surface (solar panels) to collect solar energy (sunlight), and then converts that energy into electricity.

Solar panels are comprised of photovoltaic (PV) cells or solar cells that are arranged in a grid-like pattern on its surface. The individual solar cells are made of special semiconducting materials like silicon. When solar energy strikes this surface, the solar cell converts the solar radiation into useful electrical energy.

Arizona is a great place to go solar due to it's geographical location with almost 300 days annually of bright sunshine which is ideal for collecting solar energy.

Arizona Energy Pros offers a variety of systems to power your home or business with solar energy. Contact us today to learn more!

What Customers Say About Us!

"Arizona Energy Pros installed a system on our house last year. From the first time we talked with their Consultant our experience working with them was excellent. The work was performed way faster than we thought it would be, the only hold up was with the power company as we had been told it would be. We have not had any problems with the system up to date. Really like our system and the people we worked with installing it."